Understanding IR

Infra-red is the magic behind our cutting-edge heated wallpaper. Imagine the sun on a chilly day – you feel it’s warmth on your skin, this is infra-red in action. It’s a type of energy that heats people and objects directly, without heating the air in between, this means you get cosy faster and more efficiently.

Embracing the Power of Infrared: Revolutionising Heating Efficiency

NexGen technology is bringing a smart choice to the heating market.

Whilst traditional heating methods warm the air, infra-red directly warms you and your surroundings. It’s like being bathed in the sun’s gentle rays, providing instant and efficient comfort. You can enjoy feeling cosy at lower temperatures, saving energy and costs. It’s a revolution in itself, transforming the way we think about staying warm. And that’s not all, the technology enables us to reduce energy consumption and fewer CO2 emissions, making our planet greener.