Net Zero

Experience warmth with a purpose, we’re about responsible heating that benefits you and the environment. Our commitment to efficiently low CO2 sets us apart.

The Challenge

Over 40% of CO2 globally comes from buildings, NexGen wants to directly influence social and sustainable reductions in the impact of fossil fuels; our technology has a low embodied carbon footprint and paired with PV Solar renewables and Smart Batteries is a Net Zero road map winner.

NexGen was awarded the Solar Impulse badge in 2020 as one of the top 1000 products globally that can influence the road to net zero – we were highlighted in the top 10 for our ability to directly reduce emissions.

Road to Net Zero

Our innovative technology operates at a lower temperature compared to convection systems, thanks to the power of infra-red. This means less energy consumption and fewer emissions. A smart choice for comfort and the environment.

We advocate pairing NexGen with renewables – Solar PV and Smart Batteries for a whole house / building system, this is when our tech can really make a compounding difference to the goal of reaching Net Zero.