The Technology

NexGen is an ‘Electric Ceiling-paper Far Infra-red radiator. We have one core heating technology, this is used to create a range of products – Ceiling Paper, Ceiling Tiles and Ceiling Rafts.

The primary heating solution delivers energy in a unique combination of 50% Far Infra-red radiant heating similar to sunshine, combined with conductive heat.

Our system is ultra safe and uses ultra-low 24-volt power.

Typically, the system is applied to ceilings, giving users maximum use of their floor and wall space in homes and buildings. Hybrid options are available in rooms with particularly high or shaped ceilings. Covering large areas of ceilings means there are no temperature gradient or cold patches in a room.

NexGen suppresses damp and mould, the Infra-Red penetrates building fabric, making it ideal for hard-to-heat properties and eradicating damp and mould.


How does NexGen work?

NexGen heats rooms with Far Infra-Red wavelengths in a two-tiered approach. Unlike conventional systems that heat air to create convection currents, NexGen warms people first. Within minutes, people feel the comfortable warmth of NexGen’s technology.

The second facet to the two-fold approach is the retention of heat in a room’s objects and the fabric of the building itself. This means that stored thermal mass in the objects and building continuously heat a room event after NexGen is switched off.