For Social Housing

From the outset, across our Founders to Investors, NexGen has committed to deploy this unique technology to maximise our Social Impact – this means mobilising in the hardest to heat homes to help protect people living exposed to fuel poverty, making the simple necessity of affordable heating normal and not a luxury.


Social Housing impact

Our primary market focus is social housing, with 4.5 million homes in the UK alone to future proof. We are taking on the challenge of moving residents from fossil fuels, to our sustainable heating, whilst protecting them from the energy crisis – affordable heating, is a must have for all, today and 4-Life.

We’re currently operating pilot programmes with Housing Associations in Wales, across the UK and Ireland. The NexGen team can bring to you a ‘live demo’ of the technology and chat through your challenges and how we can help. We have data to share on how we can save money both at the front end and through live costs, helping your budgets and environmental impact targets.