Damp & Mould

NexGen’s proactive intervention for damp and mould evacuates moisture within days, allowing for speedy repair.

NexGen’s heating system, dries out moisture-saturated property fabric using Far Infra-Red energy. This energy syncs into fabric and structure, pulling out embedded damp, mobilising it in the air to be extracted. Used with dehumidifiers, restorative treatment is completed in days not weeks.


NexGen’s intervention involves monitoring air temperature and relative humidity in every room. This targeted approach rapidly eradicates dampness and mould by evaporating moisture from walls, ceilings, floors.


Depending on the number of rooms and extend of the damp and mould, typically the process effectively evacuates moisture within 5-10 days allowing for the removal of mould spores and completion of repairs.

This service can be provided in vacant properties or on a room-by-room basis in occupied homes.

Future proofing

Once the moisture has been removed and  repairs have been made, the NexGen system operates to ensure that the moisture build up doesn’t reoccur.

  • Temperature & Humidity set-backs – sensors will monitor the temperature and humidity, if room conditions reach the level in which damp and mould could form, the heating system will kick into action, raising the temperature until the conditions are above the risk level.
  • Efficient Heating – fast warm up with agile controls for easy use.
  • Zonal Heating – heating rooms when and for how long is required. Minimising energy wastage.