Smart & Agile Controls

NexGen’s building wide control drives efficiency by offering customisable schedules and smart controls no matter what type of space your heating.

The fast warm up from our unique Far Infra-Red technology delivers comfortable warmth within minutes. By only heating the spaces you want to use, and by stopping heating empty rooms, reduces energy, CO2 emissions, and saves you money.

Smart Controls are managed using an App or in-room thermostats for precise control.

Programmable Heating Cycles and schedules can be set to reflect how your home or workspace is used.

Agile use of the controls enables users to choose exactly when and where to heat, enhancing both comfort and efficiency.

Zonally Operated System – Rooms and areas within a building are ‘zoned’ within the heating system. Each zone includes heating elements, a power supply and thermostatic control.

Custom Programming is a setting individual to each home or workspace zone. By separating the zones, you avoid heating unused spaces, maximising energy savings.

Versatile Control Options offer the flexibility to tailor the heating control to suit the various needs and environments.