Comparing NexGen V Traditional heating

Arrows on both illustrations represent the air flow and temperature of both a traditional Convection heating system compared to NexGen’s Far Infra-red heating system.

Conventional convection heating systems, such as radiators or hot air ducted heat, work by heating the air which then warms the surroundings.

Disadvantages of these systems include the rapid air movement, slow warm up times and then quick temperature loss. Heated air quickly moves to colder surfaces like windows and thermal bridges, leading to thermal losses. Heat pump radiators are often oversized to accommodate lower water temperatures, causing rooms to warm up slowly over many hours.


NexGen Far Infra-red heating utilises the concept of Operative Temperature and store thermal mass within the fabric of the building.

Operative temperature combines the air temperature and Infra-red radiant emission to achieve a lower room temperature whilst maintaining comfort. Reducing the room temperature by 1 degree can save between 6%-12% of energy per hour, depending on external temperatures.