The Next Generation of Heating


We have one core heating technology used to create a range of products – Ceiling Paper, Ceiling Tiles and Ceiling Rafts.

NexGen is agnostic to fabric, our portfolio of products allows us flexibility to deliver an optimised heating solution tailored to homes, offices, warehouses, care homes, universities, public buildings….

Every system operates with the same smart, agile controls giving the user control of when and where to heat.

3-in-1 System

To simplify and reduce the cost of installation, NexGen is a ‘3-in-1’ system including, insulated backing, our unique Far Infra-Red heating element and Class A or B fireproof surface covering, Just one layer to bond to the ceiling.

NexGen is produced in wallpaper ‘like’ strips, connected to low voltage cabling. All wiring, transformers and switching is hidden, the only visual evidence of NexGen installed, is your thermostat. The ceiling is simply covered with paint for the perfect aesthetic finish.