What is NexGen?

The Carbon Nano Technology

NexGen is winning awards on the paradigm shift it creates in delivering energy into homes more effectively using its 50% Far Infra-Red emittance.

The physics behind this is protected IP – however at the core of this is an exceptional piece of carbon engineering; there were 7 years of iterations before NexGen defined its carbon substrate, we use a complex fusion of organic and inorganic carbons, nanocarbons including Graphene, originally a British engineered nanomaterial, created by two Nobel Prize for Physics winning academics at the University of Manchester – this carbon resistive heating element changes everything, because the Far Infra-Red radiant energy we deliver across large area spaces, combined with air temperature, is measured under the BSEN Standard for Operative Temperature, and this is the paradigm shift for the industry, as it enables us to manage your ‘comfortable warmth’ using less energy, with lower thermal losses than can be achieved with conventional convection heating, including heat pumps.

Understanding Far Infra Red

Far Infra-Red is very simply explained, when you stand in sunshine, the comfortable warmth on your skin, is Far Infra-Red, and by specific design, the R&D team at NexGen managed to engineer the Far Infra-Red emittance from our heating technology to be the same wavelength as sunlight.

This totally safe, in fact therapeutic from a health perspective, and critically this energy heats you first. Humans are perfect receptors for infra-red, and by capturing this within the room, it stores the energy in everything around you which in turn reduces heat loss and thermal bridging, as NexGen doesn’t circulate air in the same way as traditional convection based heating systems.¬†