About NexGen

About NexGen. The Low Voltage Heating Film Using Graphite Nano Technology. For Safe , Healthy , Efficient and Flexible Heating

About NexGen 24 Volt Infrared Heating

The Future of Heating – Also Compatible with Solar PV, Wind and Battery Solutions

Enhance Living Comfort like Never Before

NexGen Heating offers a very unique and cost-effective heating solution that’s now available all over the World. Our radiant heating technology provides warmth for your room in one extremely energy efficient , low-cost solution. Say goodbye to energy hungry Electric heaters , Oil , LPG and traditional Gas radiators, as you take advantage of health-promoting Far Infrared rays to keep you warm.
Our heating solution works best for anyone looking to keep their home or office warm without having to worry about high energy costs – however, Far Infrared heating is especially beneficial for the elderly or physically disabled.

Our natural “Far Infrared” warmth not only enhances your living comfort but also has numerous health benefits and significantly reduces dust whirls. You will instantly help to purify the air in your space and feel the positive effects on your skin. Those prone to allergies can now enjoy clean and purified air around the clock.

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Super-easy Installation

NexGens infrared heating films are not only a brand new, cost-efficient and energy-saving means of heating but are also flexible, secure and completely non-obtrusive. Our high quality materials are made of ultra-fine 0.5mm thick , printed graphite mix heating film which are very easy to install and not obtrusive at all. They can easily be fitted under floor or concealed on the ceilings or walls , in or under desks, embedded in plasterboard or upholstery. Minimal to no electrical expertise is needed dependent .

Immediate Benefits of Next Gen Heating Systems

Highly flexible – future of heating
Low cost, high energy-efficiency
Only 12 to 48 volts required for heating, depending on application (DC or AC)
Powered by health-promoting Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
Rapid warm up times; room stays warmer due to materials as opposed to air as a medium
Simple insulation and installation
Renewable energy solution – uses energy from Solar PV or Wind Turbines
Individually heat each room (zoned) if required for maximum heating and cost-efficiency
Manufactured in the UK