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Solar PV

Mother Nature's wonders never cease to amaze: the sun's rays travel several million kilometers through cold space to keep us warm on the Earth.

Why You Need to Shift Away from a Traditional Heating System
Conventional heating systems are about to be a thing of the past as infrared heating films replace them in homes and offices all over the UK. The time to shift away from conventional heating means is now because:

• Air that is being re-circulated causes ‘dust whirlwinds’

• Over time, damp and stale air that is constantly being circulated cause mould and mildew build-up on the walls and ceiling, destroying masonry and other surfaces

• The temperature difference between the room and outside environment causes drafts because the room simply cannot be kept consistently warm, owing to how conventional heating systems work

Benefits of NexGen Heating Systems

Our infrared films are manufactured to give you the best warmth in every square inch of your building and individual rooms, while ensuring that your health benefits also. Investing in our infrared heating solution sees you enjoying benefits such as:

• All objects and surfaces in your room remain dry which radiates better warmth

• Infrared waves have a highly positive effect on human health

• NexGen films are only 0.5mm thick and low voltage

Infrared heating films are very affordable and save plenty of energy costs



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