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Hot Water Cylinders Coming Soon

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Introducing New Hot Water Cylinders By NexGen Heating Solutions.

The NEXGEN Ambient air to water heat pump offers unrivaled performance in hot water production. NEXGEN Ambient uses state of the art components to provide an MCS approved heat pump, that can supply domestic hot water at high-efficiency levels. NEXGEN Ambient can save up to 70% on your hot water energy bills.

NEXGEN Ambient is different from most air source heat pumps, in that it can take air from inside a building and convert it efficiently into hot water. Most air-source heat pumps rely on outside air to do this, and during winter periods can become inefficient due to the low incoming temperatures.

With NexGen Ambient, you decide the position of the incoming air, loft spaces, bathrooms, warm rooms, laundries can supply air that makes the conversion to heat so efficiently. This makes the NEXGEN Ambient ideal for hotels, restaurants, and commercial buildings as well.

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Size3kW electric18kW Gas3kW electric18kW Gas



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