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Discover The New NexGen All-in-One ESS

All-In-One ESS IP65 Range
Australian Designed & Engineered
Wall Mounted IP65 for Outdoor Application
Stackable to grow with you
Smart Grid, Back, Off/On-Grid
Available In Hybrid or AC coupled Inverter Options


Stop sending your unused power back to the grid. Buy Electricity at Wholesale Pricing !

Want to lower your energy bills or lower your carbon footprint and lessen your dependence on the grid?

If you already have Solar PV installed at your home or business, you are probably sending most of your generated energy back to grid. Some Countries have an export tariff that gives you a little financial compensation for this but it’s generally extremely low.

The combination of Solar battery storage (Solar PV plus Battery Storage) allows you to use your generated solar power, charge your battery with any excess power, and send additional back to the grid. The bigger the battery storage capacity, the more you store.

Rather than buying back the energy you’ve supplied the grid or power company, wouldn’t you prefer to use the stored energy in your battery and get the benefit yourself at a time that suits your lifestyle, day or night?

Now You Can, With An Innovative Storage Battery From NexGen. With or Without Solar PV

Sleek designs and flexible, bespoke solar energy systems make NexGen the only name in expandable Solar Battery Storage systems. Solutions for both home or commercial applications. Our batteries are lithium ion phosphate, giving you peace of mind on durability and safety.

Save money on your energy bills and store your unused electricity. Choose from a Hybrid battery or AC retro-fit to your existing Solar system.

Moreover, there are so many models to choose from. Our expandable systems can grow as your family or energy needs expand. In particular, our intelligent back up energy storage systems can monitor your usage. In short, they can keep the lights on, should there be an interruption to your power supply. Particularly useful in countries or areas where grid stability is an issue.

Our expandable battery storage solutions can be housed inside or outside in a number of configurations so there really is an option to fit every home, regardless of which country you live in or what your power requirements are.

Why not contact one of our in-house experts today for advice on the system best suited to your needs?

Our expandable battery storage solutions can be housed inside or outside in a number of configurations. Contact one of our in-house experts for advice on the system best suited to your needs.

PV String Input (DC)Hyper 3KWHyper 3/68KWHyper-5KW
Max. DC Input Power (W)                                         3900 W                                         4600 W                                                        6500 W                                          
Max. DC Input Voltage(V)580 V580 V580 V
MPPT Volatage Range(V)125-500 V125 V-500 V125-500 V
Max.Input Current (A)12.0 A11.0 A11.0 A
Max.Short Circuit Current (A)15.0 A14.0 A14.0 A
No of MPP Trackers122
Strings per MPP Trackers211
Galvanic isolation for PV ModulesTransformerlessTransformerlessTransformerless

Battery Input Side                                                    Hyper 3KW Hyper 3/68KW   Hyper-5KW 
Battery Capacity                                   LifePO4 2 kWh/2.5 kWh /4.5 kWh/5 kWh(Maximum 5 modules of the same type)
Nominal Battery Volatage48 V                48 V                     48 V               
Battery Storage Range40-60 V125-500 V125-500 V
Galvanic Isolation for BatteryYESYESYES
Max Charge Current60 A60 A (Optional 75 A)100 A
Max. Discharge Current60 A60 A (Optional 75 A)100 A

Over Voltage, Less Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature

Lithium Ion: 0-100% DOD Adjustable,Lead Acid: 0-50 DOD Adjustable

Grid AC Output (On-Grid)                                                        Hyper 3KWHyper 3/68KWHyper-5KW 
Nominal Apparent Power Output to Utility Grid (VA)3000 VA3680 VA5000 VA
Maximum Apparent Power Output to Utility Grid*33000 VA3680 VA5000 VA
Max. Apparent Power Output to Utility Grid (VA)6000 VA7360 VA9200 VA
Nominal Output Voltage (V)230 V230 V230 V
Nominal Output Frequency (HZ)50/60 HZ50/60 HZ50/60 HZ
Max. AC Current Output to Utility Grid (A)16 A16 A21.7 A
Max. AC Current Output Utility Grid (A)32 A32 A40 A
Output Power Factor~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
Output THDI (@Nominal Output)<3%<3%<3%

EPS AC Output Data (Back-Up)         Hyper 3KWHyper 3/68KWHyper-5KW 
Max. Output Apparent Power (VA)3000 VA3680 VA5000 VA
Peak Output Apparent (VA)*44.5 KVA, 10S; 9 KVA, 100 MS5.52 KVA, 10S; 11 KVA, 100 MS6.5 KVA, 10S; 15 KVA, 100 MS
Max. Output Current (A)16 A16 A21.7 A
Nominal Output Voltage (V)230 (±2%)230 (±2%)230 (±2%)
Nominal Output Frequency (HZ)50/60 (±2%)50/60 (±2%)50/60 (±2%)
Output THDV (@Linear Load)<3%<3%<3%

Efficiency                                                               Hyper 3KWHyper 3/68KWHyper-5KW 
MPPT Efficiency99.9%99.9%99.9%
Euro Efficiency97.0%97.0%97.0%
Max. Efficiency97.5%97.5%97.5%
Max. Battery to Load Efficiency95%95%95%
Stand By Power Losses<0.5 W<0.5 W<0.5 W
TopologyHigh Frequency IsolationHigh Frequency IsolationHigh Frequency Isolation

Protection                                                                          Hyper 3KWHyper 3/68KWHyper-5KW 
Anti-islanding ProtectionYESYESYES
PV String Input Reverse Polarity ProtectionYESYESYES
Insulation Resistor DectionYESYESYES
Residual Current Monitoring UnitYESYESYES
Output Over Current ProtectionYESYESYES
Output Short ProtectionYESYESYES
Output Over Voltage ProtectionYESYESYES

General Data                                                                            Hyper 3KWHyper 3/68KWHyper-5KW 
DC SwitchOptionalOptionalOptional
Dimensions (W * H * D) (mm)414*N/1242/145 mm414*N/1374/145 mm414*N/1242/145 mm
Net Wight (KG)66 KG/104 KG/142 KG66 KG/104 KG/142 KG73 KG/111 KG/149 KG
Protection DegreeIP 65IP 65IP 65
Mounting InformationWall BracketWall BracketWall Bracket
Operation Temperature Range20℃~+60℃ (45℃ derating)20℃~+60℃ (45℃ derating)20℃~+60℃ (45℃ derating)
Noise Emission (typical) (DB)<25 db<25 db<25 db
User InterfaceAPPAPPAPP
Communication With BMS*5RS 485 & CANRS 485 & CANRS 485 & CAN
Communication With MeterRS 485RS 485RS 485
Communication With PortalWi-FiWi-FiWi-Fi
Relative Humidity (%)0~95 %0~95 %0~95 %
Site Attitude (m)<400 m<400 m<400 m
Cooling ConceptNatural ConvectionNatural ConvectionNatural Convection

Certifications & Standards                                                                                                            Hyper 3KWHyper 3/68KWHyper-5KW 
Grid RegulationVDE-AR-N 4105, VDE0126-1-1, AS4777.2, G83/2, G59, CE10-21, NRS 097-2-1, En50438
Safety RegulationIEC/EN62109-1 & 2, IEC62040-1
EMC Standard



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