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The Future of Fixings

A self adhesive waterproof tile/laminate/wall fixing innovation.

Installed with Nexgen, provides a unique two-in-one heating and wall finishing solution


Customers wishing to decorate their bathroom or kitchen face the daunting task of tiling and as a result research shows that customers change their bathrooms on average every 8 to 10 years. The main reason given for infrequent decorating of tiled areas is the overall fear of tiling projects.

In the construction industry tile replacement is often avoided when buildings are refurbished due to the mess created during tile removal and the added time required to repair damaged surfaces prior to retiling.

Traditional fixing using cement adhesive creates a permanent bond between the tile and the wall making it difficult to remove tiles often leading to damaged surfaces in need of repair. NEXGRIP is a tile fixing system that creates a non-permanent bond between the tile and the wall surface using hook and loop technology.Using NEXGRIP tiles can be removed and replaced without breaking the tile, creating a mess or damaging the wall.

What’s included?

  • A loop-backed tile: The loop material can be applied to the underside of the tile during the tile manufacturing process therefore tiles will be supplied pre-boxed with loop already attached.
  • A roll of hook material: The hook material will be supplied in a similar format as traditional wallpaper with a width of approx. 50cm and a roll length of approx.20 metres. The reverse side of the hook material will be supplied pre-glued with pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive.
  • Pre-hooked board: To reduce installation times further the product offer can also include laminate or installation boards (including plasterboard) with hook material pre-applied.
  • Tanking roll: The hook material is waterproof and combined with a tanking roll, which will provide a waterproof tanking solution for showers and bathrooms. The reverse side of the tanking roll is supplied pre-glued with adhesive.
  • Installation tools: The product offer will also include specially designed tools including:
    -Hook roller to simplify the application of the hook material to the wall
    -Self-attaching (loop-backed) spirit level
    -Grout spacer bar
    -Tile removal tool.



Consumer Benefits

  • Saves time and materials
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Clean
  • Kind to the environment
  • Visualise before making a final decision

Specifier Benefits

  • Time and speed
  • No mess or waste
  • Weight reduction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Economical
  • Easy to change

The unique properties of a non-permanent fixing system makes NEXGRIP ideally suited to other innovative design ideas such as integrated lighting. Unlike traditional adhesive fixing NEXGRIP allows easy access to light fittings and wiring.

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