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Nexgen Ambient
The Future of Hot Water Heating. Amazing performance and you can even cool a room when the water is being heated for free!


The NEXGEN Ambient air to water heat pump offers unrivalled performance in hot water production. NEXGEN Ambient uses state of the art components to provide an MCS approved heat pump, that can supply domestic hot water at high efficiency levels. NEXGEN Ambient can save up to 70% on your hot water energy bills.

NEXGEN Ambient is different from most air source heat pumps, in that it can take air from inside a building and convert it efficiently into hot water. Most air source heat pumps rely on outside air to do this, and during winter periods can become inefficient due to the low incoming temperatures.

With NEXGEN Ambient, you decide the position of the incoming air, loft spaces, bathrooms, warm rooms, laundries can supply air that makes the conversion to heat so efficient. This makes the NEXGEN Ambient ideal for hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings as well.

Cheap to Run

NEXGEN Ambient and all other heat pumps have their efficiency quoted as COP (Coefficient Of Performance). With a figure of 3.8, this means that for every 1 unit of electric it uses, 3.8 units of heat is achieved. This figure is quoted at 15˚C for reference purposes.

Digital and Intelligent Control panel

Free Air Conditioning

The NEXGEN Ambient unit comes in various sizes, models from 100ltr to 300ltr and can be fitted with various coil configurations. it also has other advantages, such being to help de-humidify the atmosphere. In summer the NEXGEN Ambient can even be reversed to supply cooler air to the room (or rooms).

Why NEXGEN Ambient?

•Money Saving – Reduce Bills For Supply of Hot Water by up to 70%

•Efficiency – Generates 3.8 KW of heat for every 1 KW used. (380%)

•MCS accreditied – For use on the Government Microgeneration scheme

•Looks – Stylish with full digital controls

•Cooling – Provides Cooler Air During Summer Months

•Affordable – Priced To Provide A Quick Return On Your Investment