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Health Benefits
Other than keeping indoor spaces adequately warm and for longer durations, did you know that having far infrared panels installed in your home or office also has irrefutable benefits?

Mission Health Benefits

Other than keeping indoor spaces adequately warm and for longer durations, did you know that having far infrared panels installed in your home or office also has irrefutable benefits?

In order to understand Far Infrared’s (FIR) real-world benefits, we should first come to terms with what impact it has on human health. FIRs with a wavelength between 4 and 50 microns are known as Biogenetic rays. These rays can promote healing and encourage growth of healthy cells in both human beings and animals. All of Next Gen Heating’s FIR panels emit rays which are between 8 and 15 microns.

FIR has been known to cure certain illnesses due to their ability to deeply penetrate the skin as well as underlying tissues. There is evidence that suggests FIR’s ability to relieve pain and encourage rehabilitation as well as healing.

Forty patients were observed with chronic back pain for a duration of six years. Those who took FIR therapy experienced 57% less chronic back pain with no adverse effects.

FIR therapy has also been known to aid in improved collagen regeneration and fibroblast infiltration. Far Infrared rays played a pivotal role in wound healing – it was revealed that greater collagen regeneration and infiltration of fibroblasts aided in higher transforming growth factor in wounds where FIR therapy was used. Wounds healed better due to improved transforming growth factor, irrespective of skin blood flow or skin temperature.

In addition, there are many curative health benefits of far infrared rays that have been observed over time:

• Better regulation of high blood pressure

• Improved, more stable blood circulation

• Reduced pain and inflammation in dorsal region and muscles, including bronchitis, studs and asthmatic disorders

• Combats colds, general fatigue and/or exhaustion in the body

• Useful in combating inflammation of the ears, throat and nose

• Reduces pain associated with herniated discs, rheumatic diseases and arthritis

• Cuts down cellulite and fat absorption

How Exactly Does FIR Promote Healing in the Body?

When FIR comes into contact with the skin, it interacts with certain proteins, collagen and fats at the surface level. Through micro-vibrations, FIR stimulates the skin’s surface, elevating tissue temperatures. This leads to improved circulation at the micro level, thus, giving the body a rejuvenating effect. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Exposure to FIR rays can effectively rid the body of toxins, which as we know, are often the root cause of a number of health ailments. Excessive toxin build-up in a normal and healthy body can block normal blood circulation, which impairs healthy cellular energy and function. However, upon exposure to FIR waves, water molecules that surround these toxins heat up and start vibrating, which reduces ion bonds within atoms responsible for keep the water molecules together.

Once the water molecules break down properly due to FIR exposure, toxic materials, including encapsulated gases, are effectively released and the body starts to heal. Apart from its ability to cleanse the body of toxins, FIR can also boost health in the following ways:

• Revitalise skin tone and lean muscle

• Boost oxygen count in healthy blood cells

• Improve regeneration and healing from wounds and broken tissue

• Improve autonomic nervous system functions

• Reduce trans fatty acids in skin tissue

• Boost metabolism at the plasma and tissue level

If you are still thinking about whether installing far infrared panels in your living or working space has any real benefit over conventional heating systems, let’s take a look at these key health benefits, some of which have already been discussed earlier:

• Improved blood circulation which invariably boosts metabolism

• A more efficient metabolism aids the body in better waste excretion

• The combined metabolic effect means decreased acidity in the blood

• More oxygen-rich blood

• The body heals and rejuvenates faster