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We believe NexGen is the heating of the future. Please see comments below from customers....Cheaper than oil....Considerably cheaper than LPG ....Best form of electric heating....Similar running costs to mains gas. It seems our customers agree

Compared to LPG

We estimate we are saving around 50% compared to our old LPG system.

Compared to Oil

It’s definitely cheaper than are oil system but I can’t tell you by how much yet. I’ll keep an eye on it and will let you know.

Review Ceiling

The heat is more pleasant in that you feel like its warming you. A bit like the heat a sauna provides without the sweating. In other rooms heated by radiators the heat doesn’t feel as welcoming or consistent . With the radiators we can also feel that some parts of the rooms are warmer than others. NexGen is an amazing product.

Home Owner Under Floor Heating

Very pleased . Heats up very fast and costs around the same as mains gas to run.

Flooring Contractor

We have used NexGen underfloor heating mats which we've installed in two schools and even have installed it in my own house. We have found them quick and easy to install.
They keep the rooms at a constant temperature using very little power. We will carry on using this system on all our jobs requiring UFH.

Pub Chain

You said you had something special, something to make my pub stand out!" To be honest at this point I was getting worried! “You have delivered a miracle, we cannot believe the effect, the feeling.. how good this is.. I am lost for words… thank you, thank you, thank you”.. “contractors, staff, everybody! We are simply stunned!”

Home Owner Ceiling Heating Install

As someone who isn't particularly handy at DIY I was a little unsure about my ability to fit the nexgen heating on my living room ceiling. Yet with the helpful information and guidance provided by NexGen, we found the attaching the heating film to the ceiling straight forward, no harder than wallpapering. The wiring was very easy to link to the film and wire back to the generator even with my limited skills. Our plaster had no problem plastering over the films and once painted over the end result is a well heated room that we are very happy with. The heat is a nice heat, not unlike siting with the sun on you face. The cat also a big fan and very rarely leaves the room. I’d highly recommend NexGen as a great way in which to heat your home.

Yoga Studio

I had very specific requirements to make the temperature just as I needed it. NexGen made sure I got exactly what I wanted, and now I have a space that has a lovely ambient temperature as you walk in, together with a cosy direct warmth for when you are lying down and resting. And it's so ridiculously cheap to run, you just leave it on. Fantastic!