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51 % Less Energy Needed

NexGen v Oil Boiler Less Power Required

45 % Less Running Cost

NexGen v Oil Boiler Less Running Cost

73 % Less Carbon Emissions

NexGen v Oil Boiler Reduced CO2 Emissions


This report is a study of NexGen Radiant Heaters using Dynamic Building Simulation.

DSM is an engineering software solution, that runs complex dynamic calculations and uses vast amounts of data from building models to provide predictions of how a building will perform. In this report we look primarily at the advantage of NexGen in terms of primary energy consumption.

Simulation Tool

DesignBuilder is a whole building energy simulation program used to model energy consumption with the EnergyPlus methodology-for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and plug and process loads. Some of the notable features and capabilities of DesignBuilder are:

  • Integrated, simultaneous solution of thermal zone conditions and HVAC system response that does not assume that the HVAC system can meet zone loads and can simulate conditioned and under-conditioned spaces.

  • Heat balance-based solution of radiant and convective effects that produce surface temperatures thermal comfort and condensation calculations.

  • Sub-hourly, user-definable time steps for interaction between thermal zones and the environment; with automatically varied time steps for interactions between thermal zones and HVAC systems. These allow Energy Plus to model systems with fast dynamics while also trading off simulation speed for precision.

  • Combined heat and mass transfer model that accounts for air movement between zones.


Sample 3D models of each building type were created for this project. All models are based on buildings designed to current building regulations and are used by the software to calculate the heating load, based on the building geometry, construction, building services, activity data, and the climate file.

** Cost based on 80% efficiency for Oil Boilers. Also 7p per Kwh for Oil and 14p per Kwh for Nexgen. Also £220 Servicing costs for Oil.
NexGen is Maintenance free.

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