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Based on the insulation levels of your property please use the letters from A to F in the calculator below.

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Running Cost

Please add price Price/KWh. Default for U.K. is 0.14p/KWh
You must enter full details . For reference average ceiling height is 2.3 meters.
Please be aware of Wall or Floor area available especially in Kitchens and Bathrooms
Room Area -
Furniture Area -
Total Area -

 Please select the surface Nexgen will be placed on.

Under Floor

If you are fitting NexGen under tiles , under screed or self levelling compound or in a Conservatory then regardless of the insulation please select E or F.

 See chart above.
Required Power -
0 watts

Important: You will need power supplies?

Based on the information you have provided you will require power units. Below you can add any number of power units. As an example if you need 900 watts you could use 1 x 1200 watt power supply and this would be enough. Alternativly you could select 3 x 300 watt power supplys (3 x 300 = 900).

In order to contine and get your quote you are required to make current power to be equal or more than the required power. Once you reach or exceed the required level you will not be able to add any more and the current power box will turn green.

0 x 1200px Add Remove
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0 x 300px Add Remove
Required Power -
0 watts
Current Power -
0 watts

Will You require a Thermoststat?

Please choose your thermostat if you require one from the list below. If you only want one for the whole house please also specify this using the provided box below.

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