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WHY IS NEXGEN LOW VOLTAGE ? Voltage Squared divided by resistance equals power which is measured in Watts. Most Carbon Film or Heating Cables are around 60 to 80 ohms resistance across a 60 cm sheet. NexGen is on average just between 4 and 8 ohms ! Resistance is exactly as it sounds to stop or resist flow from one thing to another. In this instance we are using heat. The advantages of using low voltage are obvious. What you may not realise is you can even cut holes in NexGen

NexGen can cover 95% of the area to be heated with its patented graphite mix. 

In comparison:

  • Wire Heat Mats cover 2% to 10%
  • A Infra-Red Panel is also on average 4%

Because of this NexGen saves in running costs AND gives a constant consistent temperature across all surfaces.

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