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Heating at low voltage is not only safe , efficient and reliable. NexGen provides significant savings in both Running and Installation Costs. In fact despite being a superior product NexGen is excellent value for money. Soon Gas Boilers will be discontinued Oil and LPG are both expensive to run , paid for in advance and not clean fuel. Warranties , lifetime of product , Service Costs. NexGen is Carbon Neutral . Has a 15 Warranty and requires No Servicing


Let's consider this carefully for a moment , power (kWh), costs 14p per unit, while mains gas costs 4p per unit. It may be easy to simply go with these numbers and give a badge of honour to mains gas as being a highly economical solution; however, the comparison and benefits must be understood at length. 

How is a comfortable room temperature maintained ? For those using a regular gas heating system, the thermostat is typically set around 20 degrees C, which is what the ambient temperature would need to be in order for the occupant to feel reasonably warm. Since infrared heating systems heat up solid objects, including the occupant as our bodies attract infrared rays, the ambient air temperature is entirely irrelevant. It could be well below zero but the occupant would still feel more than adequately warm due to the far infrared rays.

This inevitably means that even if you set the thermostat on your infrared heating system significantly lower than 20 degrees C, you would still feel comfortably warm. At the end of the day, you are looking at marked energy savings. 

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