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About Infrared and NexGen Heating. All Infrared Heating is not the same.
The sun emits rays that are both visible and invisible to the human eye. One of the invisible rays are Far Infrared rays, which have a variety of real-world applications including environmental monitoring, short-range wireless communications and remote temperature sensing.

Nexgen Emits Infrared Rays

There are no known side effects since the far infrared rays in a way, are stimulated by our own bodies. In fact, there are numerous health benefits.

Staying Warm through a Medium Other than Air

Many folks today are of the belief that we feel warm or cold based entirely on the ambient temperature or how hot/cold the air feels. And that , in order for an indoor heater to work efficiently, the air first needs to be reasonably warm. This is a misconception.
Take mountain climbers or skiers for instance – they do not freeze despite being outdoors in below freezing temperatures. The reason is very simple: infrared waves are all around them, coming directly from the sun and being reflected off the environment, such as the snow or earth’s surface, stones, nearby trees, etc.
Therefore, ambient temperature has no significance because when far infrared waves reflect off a surface, heat energy is released, making the surroundings warmer, regardless of how cold the air is.
Far infrared rays are a perfectly safe and reliable way of staying warm; in fact, they are commonly used in infrared sauna applications.